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While I was drawn to the ghostly images in a video I found online, what attracted me more was the presence of multiple invisible mediators (people and lenses) whose efforts in preserving the last footage of a once-famous gogo dancer also led to its inevitable degradation. A television broadcasting the dancer had been filmed, the film transferred to video, the video digitized and posted online. I joined the ranks of these invisible mediators and gathered stills based on a set of rules I set in advance. I selected 26, enlarged them and printed them, framing them in reflective glass. The primarily black images became highly reflective; thus hung in a staccato arrangement on a long wall, the images functioned more as a hall of mirrors. Through the “dropped frames,” or absent spaces on the walls, a person walking the length of the wall may have a range of experiences in relation to their own reflection, or the reflection of the space around them.

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