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You Heard Me

Video Diptych

This piece came out of a failed sculpture that was supposed to be about failure. I took a few found objects, which had nothing in common except that they’d all been shaped by machines, and tried to get them all into an interdependent, artificial resting place tensing towards collapse. Trying to find that sweet spot, I disassembled and reassembled the work until it became a mild obsession. I started to document the process.The two-channel video shows me attempting to make the exact same arrangement two times in a row. The first attempt took roughly 8 minutes, and the second 28 minutes, as I had to constantly compare what I was doing to my memory of what I had just done. And because it kept falling down, again and again. My body joins the metal, wood, plush, and concrete as a visible and audible negotiator of tension and force, ritually “speaking” the sculpture.

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